Winter time

So I can’t complain. We have had a very awesome winter to thus point. Warm days, being able to work outside without 6894351131 layers on.

Mother nature, you hit us the last few weeks with lots of rain and mud.

Funny story I promised to share from over the holiday.

We were all outside for out nightly barn chores. We usually take our gator out to back side of our property to feed the animals . It helps with the little one and not having to make several trips to carry everything.

As we head out back we make our first stop. Mind you it has just rained is super slippery and muddy. We’re back on the gator, start to go forward and just like that “out of gas”

Ugh, so here we are,  gator loaded down with hay, grain, and the whole family. My husband and I look at each other, we know the drill.

Get off and start pushing. So we do and our little in her mind  is “driving” that alone is funny as she keeps turning the steering wheel and it locks up the wheels several times as my husband and I are not only pushing the gator he is also steering and next to her, trying to get up a hill, the wheels just keep locking. My husband is starting to get aggravated pushing this thing and not going anywhere. All I can do at this point is laugh.

These are memories, memories we are making with our daughter.

As we continue to push I said something to my husband and look over and he’s out of sight, YUP you guessed it he slipped in the mud as he only has his tennis shoes on and had no grip. He pushed so hard that he slid and  then he was down. I ask my lil “what is Daddy doing? ” She says “he went boom!”

I really lost it. The gator isn’t going anwhere, the wheels are locked again, she’s still “driving” and he’s getting up off the ground. Woooo, ok now we are getting serious…let’s move this thing. Here we go push go, ahhh stop, almost hit the fence. Ok now again, we push, and push  right as i’m getting ready to tell the hubs to stop the wheels are locked he gives it a good push and it goes nowhere…..YUP he’s done it again.  “BOOM”

At this point I’m slap happy laughing, My lil is laughing. Daddy….not so much at first.

What an adventure. Yes, we did eventually get up the hill. We did get all the animals fed an we made it back to barn easily pushing after  defeating that hill or did it defeat us.

I feel like the horses and cow really got some great entertainment as they were staring at us the whole time wondering what we were doing.

These are the nights we will always remember, and without the outside chore family time we would be building these memories” or would be inside doing something else?

Even on days like today when I can’t feel my face outside I am thankful to have animals, money to feed them, and a place for them to be warm, and be cared for. Yes, it’s a lot of work. Yes, it’s cold!  But I love it.






What Country Is.

A blessing to me is to be in the country. I love open fields, old barns, farm equipment, animals and good old fashion farm work.

Why is it we got away from the natural farm life?  Are we too commercialized?  Do we  blame the government? Did we get to used to everything available without all the hard word?

Even though I’m not a part of a large producing farm ,I like to talk to those that still own them.

What I find when I visit them is….. history. Pieces and parts of what use to make up America. Old equipment, grain bins, silos, milk tanks.

AHHHH!! such an awesome part of how to get back to the natural.

When asking “why?” they are not still functioning or they bring up they can’t survive on this  alone. I ask myself “why?”

It has varied from GOVERNMENT, underproduction, not being paid enough to even feed the animals let alone the employees or farm hands. The family lost very close members that used to run the business.

The family has no interest in carrying on the family business. Why?

Well I think a lot of it comes down again to money. They need to make more to to survive. To make more you spend more.

What happened to being proud of your own work or your own creations?

We have gotten away form making and providing for ourselves. We have become so dependent on others to provides those necessitates for us.

We are not being resourceful. What would happen tomorrow if we needed milk and we could not buy it any longer?

Would you find a new source? Would buy any form of milk or find a pill to provide the nutrients? Would we wait for someone to formulize something close?

Scary thought…YES!!

Solution— How can we help small family farms and businesses stay afloat?

Shop local

Buy local

Find a new source to buy from. Get local connections.

Pick 2 things to start buying locally.

Eggs, Milk, butter, soap, lotions. Etc

If we support more local business and start buying from them then they get to produce which results in them making more and maybe not having to shut down their family farm. Look around at your local non-producing farms. Do they want to star it again? Do they want to get back into the business? Can we help? Do you kids need a flexible job? Many farmers pay great but can’t attain any help that is reliable or can’t find anyone that wants to work and help them.


You can make a difference and a change. Then tell your friends. Chain reactions are great when they are followed in the original way imitated.

Nuff Solutions for now!!







Essenitial Oils-

I love using essential oils. My daughter and my husband love them too. I have found it funny that when someone starts not feeling well or something is bothering them they now come into my office, lay on the floor, and ask me to apply oils to make them feel better.

They must be working.

Ask today how you get started using essential oils. I currently use the Young Living brand. Want to know more leave me your e-mail in the comments. I can order for you, or you can sign up and start your own oil business.

While I have  gained quite a collection of oils now. I have been looking for different ways to store and carry them with me.

Storing  and carrying you oils is just as important as not spilling them.

The few weeks I have been looking at different options and different prices. Let me just start that 29.99 for a bag to carry my oils…… is crazy. I’m all about quality however you can still find quality without a middle man and a price hike,

So yesterday I stumbled upon this website. Made a few contacts and WOW was I impressed. Great company values. Straight from the source it was said….”I want people to be able to afford diffusers in every home.”

This company has realized that sometimes things are out of reach due to price and have made a change for all of us.

You can check out the website and  prices here. I love the carrying cases. they re such a great price too!!!–purple.html?ref=150&affiliate_banner_id=1&#8243; target=”_blank”>Oil Bags (Color – Purple)</a>


It starts at a local level!

Have you been hearing that our meat will no longer have a country of origin?

Do you want to know what your consuming? GMO’s? Antibiotics? etc?

What we are eating?  Most times we never know. What kind of conditions have the animals lived in. Is it  healthy? sanitary conditions? We don’t even know if they have been given medications. Why? Because we are the last person on the end of chain in todays world

We don’t go get local meat from the butcher anymore. We don’t go to the farms where your meat is coming from.

It has to start with you and I. Education is important. We all need to become more knowledge on how to survive on a local level.

You may ask “How can I help?”

Start with doing a little research on the things you use daily ( 2 items) (ex: food, deodorant, hair products, shower gels, etc.) and find 2-3 things in your everyday products that are harmful or not natural for us as humans.

Take those 2 items and make yourself a small paragraph about it. Share it on your blog or social media. You can start making a difference by making more people aware.

Next time your in a room with friends share what you have done with them. Tell them about starting to survive on a local level and getting away from the chemicals and toxins.  This isn’t for everyone, it is a solution to start awareness. It is for those who are worried about our health and survival, our kids and grandkids.

The last few generations are losing site of farming, making things, and being resourceful. It’s not hard to think outside of the box.

Without providing them of the knowledge to grow gardens, the true source of our where our food is coming from and what is in, they will never know. it all starts with you. Take a break and check into those 2 items.

You can make a difference, and a change by starting with something small. Don’t get overwhelemed. We are so use to going to the store and getting what we need.

It’s almost just like a chore on it’s own getting natural and going organic. It doesn’t have to be if you start small.

  • Start with the 2 products you just researched and replace them with something more natural when you run out.
  • Each time you go to store because you have ran of something go to the organic section and take a look at the ingredients make sure it is actually “natural” or “organic” and start there.

Ingredient labels can be confusing and hard to read. If your not sure what it is…look it up….a great perk of today is technology and having resources right after your fingertips.

The major advantage of that is taking the time on the device to research and learn about the natural rather than playing games, texting, or being on social media.

Let me add, that as natural as I would like to be it is hard. It can be expensive, time consuming, and very confusing. I do as much as I can daily to educate and share what I can to help!! You can too!!

Well folks nuff Solutions for now.


Make it a good one by starting to live naturally!!! 🙂





Only horse people will get it.

Happy New Year. I was awaken by a call about a purchase I didn’t make and someone has stolen my card information. Oh joy, Happy New Year.

Look you hacker, thieves get a job, get a life, get  your own credit and your own accounts. Stop screwing with people and learn what it is like to work for everything you have.

Of course after being woke up oh so early, I sat and the computer and then checked the world of facebook.

So I ran  into this parody early this morning on facebook and couldn’t stop laughing. Only us horse people would get the reference to this parody. Not to mention ,I love the song. My daughter liked it some much she wanted to keep watching it.


Enjoy!! We sure did!!!

Natural Solutions

Why is it now and for a while that we always turn to modern medicine. Don’t get me wrong. Modern medicine has done a lot of great things for the world. I believe it is graet when used for certain things. I still use it.

I believe that plants, minerals, etc  are on the earth to help prevent, treat, and cure.

When did medicine become so formulated? To the point that it can fix so many things but cause so may others? Is it really treating the issues or covering them up?

I would rather find the solution and fix it rather then cover it up. I feel it is now to easy to just put a temporary fix on major issues and then it causes more issues later.

Does it make you wonder why you never tried something more natural?

Is it because we go to the Dr. and take and do what they say? I mean after all they do go to school to take care of us. What if  the way they have learned isn’t the natural way? Is there really a natural way? Does it work?

I’m sure there are 20 million more questions we can all ask.

I guess with all the commotion on natural and organic eating there are a lot of people that are looking into changing their lifestyles.

How much change will it really take for the world around us to become healthy and natural?

Why does it cost a farmer a bunch of time, money and paperwork to make something USDA organic? Yes, I understand that we want to be 100% sure what we eat is natural. It’s sad that at this point there is not much natural left.

Where do you cut off and give up?

How much do you fight to stay natural?

Is it worth the short time we have here to try SO hard to get back to the natural?

I do believe that YES it is, however it will take a lot of different people who have had experience or been living naturally to teach those around us and many groups of people around the world to make it happen.

It is such a chore to find anything natural or pure anymore without spending a fortune. Where do you turn? Who do you get medical advice from about natural therapies and treatments? Yes, there are holistic Practitioners. Not enough for all of us and will your insurance cover that?

To those looking to live a more healthy natural lifestyle this year, please share any tips or tricks on my blog. I’d love to hear about them.

Random thoughts of the day sometimes turn into much more than one person ever dreamt to write about. (I know, personal problem….Right? 🙂 )









Hope everyone really enjoyed their Holidays. Our Family had many beautiful, fun-filled, chaotic celebrations. Totally I believe 8. Only one of which was hosted at my place…….SCORE!!!! That means lots of really good food cooked by other people. 🙂

No post for a few days means either I can no longer function enough to type or its to late and my brain may not be putting together anything that makes much sense. Or the HOLIDAYS and unburying the tree and putting things into home so we can all function.


That much traveling, running around, and bringing home many much appreciated gifts = a hurricane-like situation in our home.

Please stick with me as I had to un-bury my office, Hook up new electronics. Open 36486515165 gifts for my little lady. clean and organize my house. YES, the whole house. (Post on organization hacks to follow..someday next year)


Stay Tuned for some new information I have been thinking a lot about in the equine realm. Hoping to bring you and your equine friends a lot of new SOLUTIONS in 2016!






Equine Massage

What does equine Massage mean to you?

A way to pamper you horse?

I get that a lot. I always think people think that massage is a luxury when it is really one of the best therapies your horse can receive.

What does massage help?

 How can massage help my horse in training?  So many answers to this one.


What are signs that may horse may need a massage?

  • Horse have an attitude?  (most attitude is pain related)
  • Horse cinchy when being saddled ?
  • Horse recovering from injury?
  • Release toxins
  • Increase circulation
  • Saddle fit issues? ( Stay tuned on more information on saddle fit)
  • Horse not tracking right?
  • Horse won’t square up in 3 attempts?
  • Uneven muscle tone?
  • Horse not holding chiropractor adjustments?
  • Horse have uneven angles on his feet?
  • Need to increase muscle tone?
Just a few things to think about when looking at therapies and alternatives on how to treat you horse naturally.
Will massage really help me save money in the long run?       YES
Let me start with saying modern medicine is amazing. I maintain a very close rapport with my vet. Holistic therapies should not be used in place of regular veterinary care. They can aid in helping you and your horse. Yes, I still use a vet. They can help keep costs down when the horse maintains the correct balance.
I am certified in Equine Massage Therapy. I have seen many amazing changes to horses in just one session. The goal for my therapy is  to balance the horse a whole. Yes, this is a tedious process.  The most rewarding part of my job is, it is my passion. I love working on horses, and once they realize that you are helping them. The horse will show you where they hurt.
I start by evaluating and looking at many different aspects of the horse. If you horse isn’t staying balanced there are many problems that can arise. Problems can range from lameness, to poor digestion of feed, unwillingness to work, or go forward, rearing, or bucking.
When working on a horse I cover all areas of the horses body. The reason that is so important, is I can feel all the tension, and hopefully find the solution of the problem. Yes, that is what I love to do is find; the root of the problem. The Solution.
I always let the owner know what I am feeling. You know those areas of the horse that only you as owner know about, the weird bump on his leg. The little scar on his knee.
Ever have a lame horse?
First, what we do is evaluate and know something is wrong.
Next step, call the vet.
OK, vet come out evaluates at the walk, trot, etc.
Goes to the area that is appearing sore. Does a few tests , and then give you a diagnoses.
Ok, so dx is complete.
Are you still left with questions?
Why did this happen?
Where did it come from?
Equine patients can sometimes be the toughest. They can’t tell you where it hurts. They can’t tell you that they pulled a muscle and that put strain on the tendons, and ligaments, and caused them  to change their movement, gait, and that then caused the lameness.
Another aspect of balancing the horse is think about the anatomy. Take a look at the structure of the horse do you know what muscle functions are?

As the equine world is a ever growing and changing industry we won’t always have all the answers.  All we can do as horse owners is educate ourselves.

So that’s what I did. I found a lot of stuff.  A lot of things that aren’t true. Where do you get good solid information from? Where do you go when your not getting the answers you want or nothing else is working? That’s usually when most turn to the  holistic side of horse health. Unfortunately, holistic providers are usually the last call or attempt. But, WHY?

If it was only more prevalent to go get the horse back to the natural as much as we can when we have domesticated them. Maybe it’s something that will change. I totally feel that the equine world has a major change coming and the focus of feeding, care, and natural treatment will soon be the new “best current practice.”

I started getting very into the balance of the horse when one of my geldings developed a major attitude problem and was having some pain issues. After many consults, and different vet opinions he was healthy. He wasn’t lame, and he didn’t show any concerning signs. As his owner I knew something was off. So I followed my gut, and starting doing tons of research. Let’s just say I needed an answer. I needed my boy back. I wasn’t stopping until I got it figured out.

The Solution…….. lots of different holistic treatments (helped tremendously). Herbal remedies, lots of phone calls, and e-mails. A major change in diet and going back to the natural. (more on the natural side of equine care later.) It took a few months but I now have my boy back and have been able to maintain naturally and it worked. Keep him balanced and keeping on the proper diet,  with routine therapies that I now provide.

Have one of those gut instincts? Can’t find the proper balance? I would love to answer any questions or give you some suggestions to discuss with your vet, farrier, trainer or whoever “your person” (Total Grey’s Anatomy reference, love that show) may be.

I do give consults. You can send me a message.

Remember to always follow your gut. Something has brought you to this blog today and I hope that it was able to provide you with some things to evaluate with your own equine. I hope I was able to provide some insight on thinking outside the box, and giving you a new set of SOLUTIONS to treating you equine issues.



Life of a 3 year old

This morning we all get up as normal. Start the day. As I’m getting ready to go feed horses my toddler says “Mommy, you go I’m going to stay inside with Daddy and have a dance party!” (Really we just got up and its so early but hey have fun and dance it out)  I continue to get ready and then she decides we all go out. Score! Family feed time.

We continue our morning come back inside, eat breakfast. While sitting at the table we are having a totally unrelated conversation. Out of nowhere my little says “Daddy, I want a new pony!” Ummm, what? 1 hour ago you didn’t want to go outside to feed. Ends up she is always fine once she gets to barn to feed and play in the arena.

Daddy replies “Well you already have 2 mini’s, we will need to sell those then.” B says “No, it’s alright, we can get another pony.”

Poor Daddy not only lives with 2 girls but 2 crazy horse girls. So ironic that 3 days before Christmas we get a warning that you want a pony…..Oh boy! Santa, how magical can you be ? Really?  finding a pony suitable to a 3 year old in just a few days. This new pony may have to wait until Valentines day. It is the anniversary date of us getting her the first set of mini’s. Hmmm…..little does she know she may have something very special coming for her mini’s from SANTA!!!!!


Horse Nutrition- Where to start?

Something has been on my mind a lot lately. I have been working with horses for 27 years. I have seen my fair share of feed programs, attitude and behavior problems with horses. Earlier this year I was looking for a solution for one of my horses. I came across many different articles, blogs, recommendations, talked with several vets, made lots of phone calls, most of this got me to one solutions. There isn’t one steady website to gain all the knowledge or the straight facts from. Again take what works for you and move on. So I did just that. I went to library and brought home 374657494939 million books (exaggerating), did some research made some more calls. Ok so I learned a lot but still nothing in one place. Where do you start? Where do you go? Once you get one question answered, you have develop one to fifty more questions.

The process led me on the journey of the going back to basics. I took quite a few courses and gained a few certifications and applied all the knowledge from my college degree. Finally, Yes I could put some of those classes that at the time I wasn’t sure I would really use to work for me. AHHHH!!

My goal is to Balance the horse as whole. We have taken something that could survive in the wild and domesticated it. Now, what do we feed it?

What does the horse truly need in their diet?

Are commercial feeds really meeting my horse’s daily needs?

I am feeding 1 scoop to all my horses, they seem to be fine, Right?

I think my horse needs a hoof supplement.

Does my horse need a joint supplement since he’s aging?

My horse is constantly hot, he just doesn’t respect anyone. BUT it’s not his feed, or is it?

How do you really calculate the amount of protein my horse is getting?

How can I read my feed tag?


Stay tuned as I will soon be release a course on where you can get answers to all these questions.

In the meantime, take a look at this article! It may help to get you started.


Thanks for stopping by! **

**( I’m not sure if this is really something I would normally say or I have just been conditioned by Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Let’s just go with conditioning in the psychology realm, it’s real.

P.S. No I do not regularly watch Mickey,  my toddler does. Real world mom problems.)